About Us

The jewelry industry was one of the first truly global industries. Countless different languages are spoken by the men and women who painstakingly design and manufacture fine jewelry all over the world.

For nearly 40 years, Freeman Manufacturing & Supply Company has been a leading manufacturer of jewelry injection waxes and other specialty waxes. With the acquisition of Kindt-Collins and its world renowned Ferris brand in May 2011, Freeman is now the largest jewelry wax manufacturer in the world.

But we didn't get to be the largest without first acquiring the deepest knowledge of wax blending and production experience. Our research and development teams have not only produced the widest breadth of available performance characteristics required to meet the exceptional demands of nearly every jewelry manufacturer in the world, we also continue to set the world standards for production quality and consistency.

Nevertheless, we also understand that it is not just great products that set the Freeman and Ferris names apart…it is the knowledgeable, helpful and professional field representation, too. For years, our network of authorized distributors has spanned the globe, ensuring that the Freeman and Ferris product lines remain fully represented wherever the finest jewelry is produced worldwide. We invite you to find the authorized dealer nearest to you to discover for yourself why Freeman is the only name you need to know in jewelry waxes.