Cowdery Profiles™

Ferris Cowdery Profiles Ferris Cowdery Profiles
Ferris Cowdery Profiles were created to make the task of designing and manufacturing fine jewelry better, faster and easier. Produced exclusively by Freeman, these specially designed, precision-formed waxes can be used individually or in combinations to easily create the most difficult prong settings, clasps, hinges or other shapes. For more detailed information on how to use Cowdery Profiles, check out our How To section for three exclusive tutorials.

Cowdery Profiles are available in the legendary Ferris File-A-Wax Purple or Blue wax formulas. They are sold in pre-cut lengths of 5" (127 mm) and packaged in convenient plastic tubes. Six pieces of one size and shape per package.

The classic line includes fourteen different profiles. For available sizes and profiles, refer to the selection chart at the bottom of this page.

New! Bales & Cowdery Assortments

By popular demand, Freeman has added three sizes of Cowdery Bales: (4.5mm x 3mm, 6.5mm x 4.5mm, & 8mm x 6mm). All three are available in both Blue & Purple.

Freeman now offers Cowdery Assortment Kits, an opportunity to try many of the Cowdery Profiles at a significant discount!

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