Ferris’ Cowdery Profiles Create Necklace Bale Design Time Saver

The task of designing a wax pattern for a necklace bale has always been a time consuming process…until now.
Thanks to the brilliance of the unique Cowdery Profiles from Ferris, a craftsman-quality bale can be made in significantly
less time versus one made totally by hand. The process is simple…just follow the step by step instructions included below.

(Note: These instructions are for a 6 mm, wide bracelet.)

Step 1
Start by selecting one of the three sizes of Cowdery Profile Bales which best fits the size needed for your design.

Step 2
Square the end of the wax using dividers set for the widest part of the bale. (See Fig. 1)

Step 3
Scribe a line around the wax at the width you want the widest part of the bale to be. (See Fig. 2)

Step 4
Using a jeweler's saw, cut just outside the line, then square and smooth with a file (See Fig. 3)

Step 5
Using dividers, scribe a center line around the piece. (See Fig 4)

  Step 6
For ease in handling the bale while finishing, attach a piece of 2 to 3 mm round Profile wax long enough to make a good handle. Use a hot wax pen for attaching. (See Fig 5)

Step 7

Using the dividers, make two lines on the small end or the bottom of the bale to create the desired taper. (See Fig. 7)

Step 8
Lastly, shape the bale inside and out, using files, burrs, etc., to create the shape of the bale you want to achieve. (See Fig. 7)

Step 9
Figs. 8-12 present a range of ideas that illustrate the multitude of bale designs you can easily create using the unique Cowdery Bale Profiles…exclusively from Ferris.

Even the masters appreciate a design shortcut!