Create Great Catches in Just Minutes with Cowdery Profiles by Ferris™

Nothing beats the Cowdery Profiles by Ferris for enabling you to design high quality
design-friendly catches in just minutes.

(Note: These instructions are for a 6 mm, wide bracelet.)


Step 1
Draw a centered 3 x 6 mm. rectangle over the inner edge of the bracelet layout.

Step 2
Using your layout lines, cut a 3 mm. wide slot across the bracelet where the catch will go.

Step 3
Cut two pieces of the catch wax extrusions making each piece about 8 mm. long. Assemble these pieces so that they interlock.

Step 4
Center the assembled catch pieces into the slot and lightly tack into place using a hot wax pen.

Step 5
Check to see where the two catch pieces meet and make a mark at that point on the outside edge of the bracelet. Make a straight saw cut across the bracelet on this spot. Now your bracelet can separate with the hinge in place. Firmly attach the two catch pieces in place with a wax pen and file the edges flush with the bracelet.
  Step 6
In order to make the catch safe and invisible, separate the catch and make a scribe mark about 3/4 mm. from the outer edge of both sides of the catch. File down to these marks.

Step 7
On one side of the catch, attach a piece of sheet wax to the bracelet to cover the catch. File flush with the bracelet edge. Carefully interlock the catch and check to make sure it is aligned well and then lightly tack the closed bracelet together.

Step 8
The catch mechanism is complete! You can now finish carving the bracelet.

Step 9
Important! Before casting, insert a piece of 1 mm. graphite rod in the hinge hole.