Hinge Making Made Easy with Cowdery Profiles by Ferris™

Time is money...that's why Cowdery Profiles by Ferris are a great way to make high quality hinges faster & easier.
(Note: These instructions are for a 6 mm, wide bracelet.)


Step 1
Draw a centered 3 x 6 mm. rectangle over the inner edge of the bracelet layout.

Step 2
Using the center line, draw a 3 mm. circle where you want the hinge, placing the edge of the circle over the outer edge of your layout.

Step 3
Using a drill press, drill the 3 mm. hole. Using a thin saw blade, make a straight cut on the center line of the outside of the bracelet.

Step 4
Cut 3 square edged pieces of the hinge wax, making one piece 2 mm. and the other two about 3 mm each. Slide the three pieces onto a drill shank, with the 2 mm. one in the center.


Step 5
Making sure that the 3 pieces are tight together, insert into the 3 mm. and center. Using a hot wax pen, tack in place with the center hinge piece tacked to the one side of the bracelet and the two outer pieces tacked to the other side. Be careful not to attach the hinge pieces to each other.

Step 6
Remove drill shank and file the outer hinge pieces flush with the sides of the bracelet.

Step 7
Your hinge is complete!