How to use File-A-Wax Blocks & Slices

Ferris File-A-Wax is available in five formulations to accommodate your widest range of design needs. It can be easily carved, shaped and even machined to reproduce the most intricate of design details. In order to facilitate the design process, File-A-Wax is available in a wide range of shapes and forms. This tutorial shows the use of blocks and slices in order to create a ring.

Step 1
Calipers are used to measure where the cut should be made to accommodate both the finished size of the piece and additional space for shaping, etc.

Step 2
The block is cut using a jewelers saw.

Step 3
A broad faced file is used to roughly size the cut piece of File-A-Wax into the general shape of the finished piece.

Step 4
Calipers are used to double check the overall dimensions of the roughly shaped piece.

Step 5
A sizing ring is placed over the rough cut piece of File-A-Wax. The hole is scribed onto the wax.

Step 6
The hole is cut into the File-A-Wax piece using a motor tool. This can also be done with a carving knife.

Step 7
Creating the finish design can be done using a wide variety of power or hand operated shaping & carving tools.

Step 8
Shaping a properly sized bezel can be also accomplished using a wide range of power or hand tools.

Step 9
The stone is test fit in the bezel to check rough seating, positioning and overall design aesthetics.

Step 10
A wire wax is attached to the finished wax design to ready the piece for casting or to make a model.