We strive to ensure that our customers are using Freeman and Ferris waxes properly, thus enabling them to realize the full advantages that our waxes have to offer. In that regard, we have created this How-To section to provide helpful user tips and other useful reference data.


Jewelry Injection Wax
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Injection Wax Trouble
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Jewelry Injection Wax

How to Identify Counterfeit
Ferris® File-A-Wax® Wax

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How to use File-A-Wax
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Ferris’ Cowdery Profiles
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Hinge Making Made
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Create Great Catches in
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Profiles by Ferris™

Video Library

In this video, we will demonstrate the construction of clear silicone rubber molds with CNC milled patterns as well as a variety of patterns created by the rapid prototyping method.

Building Silicone Rubber Molds (7 min : 03 sec)

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