Ferris Mold-A-Wax


Use this uniquely malleable wax to produce free-form jewelry and sculptures using the lost wax process. It can be rolled, bent, twisted or shaped into an infinite variety of unique designs. Two hardness grades are available. Both are available in 1-pound blocks (.45 kg).

No. 5 Black Mold-A-Wax (Regular Hardness) - This tough, durable wax readily welds to itself and to most other waxes. Parts will maintain their shape at room temperature. Ferris No. 5 Black Mold-A-Wax melts at 150°F (76°C) and can also be injected.
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No. 6 Red Mold-A-Wax (Soft) - This versatile wax is a softer version of our No. 5 Black Mold-A-Wax and can be used for the same applications. It is also preferred for repairing wax patterns, joining File-A-Wax sections, as a stone-setter’s “pick-up” wax, or as an engraver’s transfer wax.

Technical Data Sheet Safety Data Sheet