Sticky Waxes

Ferris® Sticky Wax Ferris® Sticky Wax
Ferris Sticky Wax will not hinder melt-out, leaves no residue and is ideal for both large and small parts. Recommended application temperature is 225º – 275ºF (107°– 135°C).

Sticks: 1/4" diameter x 5" long (6.35 x 127 mm) sticks in three ounce (85 g) boxes
Beads: One pound (.45 kg) bags

Technical Data Sheet   Safety Data Sheet
Wolf's Wicked Sticky Positioning Wax™

Wolf's Wicked Sticky Positioning Wax™
Ideal when securing stones for accurate tracing. Smear wax on stone – press stone onto wax or metal – scribe around stone. Flows at 173°F (78°C). Available in sticks, 3/16" square x 5" long in three ounce (85g) boxes.

Technical Data Sheet    Safety Data Sheet